Thursday, April 24, 2008

I got you Uncle David!!!! .... Ethan vs The GRASS!

Okay Everyone! I have some videos for you! The first one is from our Riley Family Night. We had so much fun, Russ and I brought over our Rock Band on the xbox, we played cards, and played Guitar Hero on the Wii. Some of us were having a little TOO much fun.... UNCLE DAVID!

I snuck down stairs and video recorded Uncle David singing "Im a Cowboy" by John BonJovi. Im sorry dave... I had to post this!

And now Ethan Vs THE GRASS.....

This video kinda explains its self... Since it was nice outside, we decided to let ethan try out some grass... he didn't know quite what to think of it... Watch his left leg..... its funny!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Okay here are some pictures from my new camera that Russ go me for our Annivarsary. Ethan is such a HAM... He love his picturs taken... He always smiles real big... So here are some fun pictures that i have. There is a funny picture of Andrew and Chole that I took at Easter. They both lost their front teeth! So we took a picture of them! He love to smile!
Toothless cousins
Thats a silly face!
Okay this video is kinda funny.... Ethan learned how to go up the stairs..... and he loves to carry stuff... so one day he decided to take his new bag of socks up the stairs... and he wouldn't let them go!!!!