Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you think YOU can Dance???

Do you think you can dance...???
Well Marie, Kasie, Kamie and I KNOW we can dance! First off I want to thank Uncle Steven for getting Marie the BEST birthday present ever... a wonderful girls night out with her two beautiful daughters, and crazy niece.....

I got to go with my Aunt and Cousins to the "So you think you can Dance" Concert!!! It was so much fun. It was amazing how fast the seats filled up.

So the pictures kinda got messed up, but Up at the very top right hand side was the best picture!!! I wanted to get all of us in but, KAMIE had to be the center of attention and pushed everyone back as I was taking the picture!!!!! GOSH!!! Ha.. Just kidding.. that picture is a result of bad photography on my part. lol. The picture right above me is of Marie and her girls excited for the show to start!!!
The one across on the right is of me and Kamie doing who knows what... I guess we thought that was cool at the time............

....................Kasie thought it was cool too.......

The video below is my favorite dance that was performed at the concert. It was danced by Courtney and Mark. The Choreography was done by Soyna... this way cool lady who has the coolest hair, That I WILL acheive one day. SHE IS CRAZY COOL..... and I think the dance style fits her perfectly!!!

Wonderful HUH!!!

And this video is short... its a quick clip of one of my favorite moves I have ever seen done in dance...... This was with katie and Joshua! Watch how he catches her legs.....

Okay the last dance video is for Aunt Marie.....

This one I believe was her favorite!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ethan Gets His FIRST Hair Cut!!!

So we decided that, although Ethan has very little amount of hair... that little amount is quite long.. So we got his hair cut. His Grandma Gina happens to be a hair stylist, so here are some pictures of the Hair Cut Day... which was on Sept 4th.

This is what his hair looked like when we fixed it before the hair cut... it was super super long!

This is Ethan getting ready to get his hair cut, I had to sit and hold him, because most kids freak out a little bit when they get hair cuts... so we had to be prepared.....
But as uaual we were suprised by how good Ethan was. He really didn't mind it at all. He had a pretty good time, his grandma Gina made him feel really comfortable.

This is a funny picture, he had fun sucking on the squirt bottle while getting his hair cut. I would spray it into his mouth and all over his face... He loves water!

The finished product! He looks so cute with his grandma Gina, she did a great job making him look so handsome. The Top picture with Russ, Ethan and I, is also the finished product, I just couldn't get it to come down here... lol. Sooooo HAPPY HAIR CUT DAY!!!!!