Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ethan Gets His FIRST Hair Cut!!!

So we decided that, although Ethan has very little amount of hair... that little amount is quite long.. So we got his hair cut. His Grandma Gina happens to be a hair stylist, so here are some pictures of the Hair Cut Day... which was on Sept 4th.

This is what his hair looked like when we fixed it before the hair cut... it was super super long!

This is Ethan getting ready to get his hair cut, I had to sit and hold him, because most kids freak out a little bit when they get hair cuts... so we had to be prepared.....
But as uaual we were suprised by how good Ethan was. He really didn't mind it at all. He had a pretty good time, his grandma Gina made him feel really comfortable.

This is a funny picture, he had fun sucking on the squirt bottle while getting his hair cut. I would spray it into his mouth and all over his face... He loves water!

The finished product! He looks so cute with his grandma Gina, she did a great job making him look so handsome. The Top picture with Russ, Ethan and I, is also the finished product, I just couldn't get it to come down here... lol. Sooooo HAPPY HAIR CUT DAY!!!!!


Rasmussen Forever said...

I love Ethan's new do. Very cute.

Kamie said...

Adorable! I absolutely love Ethan! I love you and we STILL need to plan a time to take you out for a birthday celebration!

Kasie said...

Yay for pictures! I love your pictures and miss you tons!