Friday, August 29, 2008


Back by popular demand...... Pictures of Ethan.

Here are some fun pictures that I have of Ethan just recently. Ethan Loves to play on the trampoline at out house. He love to have Russ jump him around. So now when ever we pass the tramp on the way into the house, he says "TAMP" "TAMP"

Mom, Megan, Ethan and I got to go to lagoon last saturday, we were pretty interested to see what kinda rides Ethan would like. Well..... by the look of his face above... he really didn't like the marry-go-round. Funny enough... this picture was taking as we were walking off of it, he was looking back in horror of what just happend.
... The one thing he absolutly loved was the water fountians. We let him go around and play with the water, he LOVES WATER.... He is just like his mommy! He had lots of fun trying to catch the water as it flew by...... (we endend up changing his clothes because he got so wet)

Ha ha ha ha...... This is Ethan at his finest! He has the funniest faces. This is one of them. He was super happy because his daddy came home.

Okay Missy... This video is for you. This fotage is really long, I did it for my sister Missy because she really misses Ethan, I guess... So here is Ethan just playing around at grandmas....


Rasmussen Forever said...

Oh my cuteness!!! Ethan is so big and he's walking to well. I love his smile with his two bottom teeth. That video, Mal, is so cute, the barbie thing, classic. It's good to see that your family is doing good. I hope to see you soon. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

Missy said...

Ethan is the cutest little guy! Thanks Mal! This post made me so happy! I love my cute little nephew. Hopefully I'll get to see him in October!

Kasie said...

Yay for posting! I ALWAYS miss you and love hearing about your adorable family! My favorite is the pic of Ethan looking back at the ride - totally classic! Is it bad of me that my favorite pic is of a child in pain? :)

Kamie said...

I am so happy that you posted! I knew your life was interesting... :) I miss you and want to play with you and Ethan soon. I can't wait, (sort of), until Alex and I have kids so we can always hang out and watch them play- maybe they would do some of the same stuff that we would do like dress barbies up and take pictures of them! Ethan is a boy though... you never know!!!!

BeccaJane said...

Ethan is so awesome!!!!